I know that I have spent a lot of time on past blogs and vlogs talking about bugs, but today I just wanted to lay out the final 4 bugs that are preventing the game’s launch (At the moment).

1. Saving on Mobile devices has some quirks. For some reason the data will save fine, but then when we exit the game and come back, none of it saved permanently. We are still looking into this.
a. 11/18/2017- It seems that this was a simple error where we did not have enough space marked out in our save folder. Will test today.

2. We had functionality in the game where we could switch off the VR mode, and make the game a single camera experience. We have tried several fixes, and are now currently aware that the issue comes from the smaller pieces of the camera that we are trying to move. This one is just going to take iterations, because we cannot test the functionality outside of a build. It takes about 15 minutes to build out to a device, which means that each attempt has a long time between attempt and solution. Basically, I haven’t had enough time in one block to see what going on with it, but given a solid 8 hours, this one should disappear.
a. 11/20/2017- https://youtu.be/_eEWo7TAB7w I made some progress, but this is still a long way from done.

3. We need to re-balance the audio. adding the voice overs has made it apparent that we will need some form of dynamic audio balance.

4. For the audio system, an in depth adaptive soundtrack system, there is a bug where we are evidently deleting an object, but then the audio system says, “Hey, where is this thing?” I have been working on this for 3 weeks with no hint of the right direction. The issues comes from not really understanding the system because our composer built it.
a. It seems that there was a section of the code that was meant to check if the object was destroyed, and it was that section of the script that had issues with objects being destroyed. after removing it, It seems to run fine. This was a rarer bug, but I did everything that I could to trigger it, and nothing bad happened.

For each one of these issues, I will post updates with their solutions.

Nick Harmer