“Time keeps on ticking, into the future.” I have dumped a ton of time into the story, because I think that the story will be the greatest cohesive element. The problem is that it is hard to show off those elements.

On another note though, I realized, after talking to my editing crew for the script, that the levels didn’t really fit all that well with the script, so I have implemented another set of visual changes that should align the story and the game play still further.

Tell me what you think!


Also, I will be back next week with a full video showing off a few systems in the game that will help tie these things together.

My to do list for this week:

  1. Implement the map system so the players will be less lost.
  2. Edit the script further.
  3. If I have time, do the rest of these visual changes.
  4. The week after, I will try to add the voice overs.

Thanks for being our fans, and have a good week!